Even though you uninstall the snapchat, your account remains undeleted and neither it gets deactivated, so yes your friends will see you but they wont see your current location since you’re not active on snapchat after uninstalling it.( your Locat

That is because Snapchat for iOS gives you the option of choosing individual caches to delete. So, unlike Android, where you can only delete the whole app's cache, you can choose to delete cache How to Delete Snapchat Account Permanently in 2020? That’s all you have to do to get rid of the social media world. Snapchat is a really addictive social media platform and can be a little more addictive for those who enjoy taking pictures. If you have decided to move on from the virtual life and wondering how to delete Snapchat account permanently in 2020, make sure you follow the procedure How to Delete a Sent Snap Before it's Opened - Techzillo

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How to Delete Snapchat Story from Your Smartphone 2020-6-26 · Normally, a Snapchat story remains on your profile for 24 hours. Then it disappears on its own. However, if for some reason you just want to get rid of something you posted, you can do it. Sometimes, young social media savvy users post something inappropriate on Snapchat. Then they realize its not right and then they may try to delete it. How to Stop a Snap from Sending on Snapchat

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How to Delete Snapchat History (Messages & Conversation) 2020-6-10 · Note: FoneEraser enables you to delete all Snapchat history at once along with all other data on your phone. So if you only want to clear Snapchat history, I suggest you to back up your iPhone data, in case you lose something important. If you want to recover lost/deleted Snapchat data on iPhone, you can rely on the professional iOS Data How To Delete Snapchat Account 2019 (Easiest & Safest 2020-7-8 · Do you want to know how to delete Snapchat account belongs to you and the steps to follow? Before that, let me clarify something for you, Snapchat is not too secure in the privacy aspect, because they are not using end-to-end encryption according to Nord VPN. Bonus: How To Install Psiphon 3 On PC (Windows) in 2019 How to Delete Snapchat Messages (After You Have Sent it Select with whim do you want the conversation to be deleted. Tap at the “X” to clear the conversation. Step 4. Tap “Clear” to proceed. However, any messages that were saved or sent messages will not be deleted. So, there you have it – Two simple steps how you can delete messages on Snapchat.