Oct 23, 2015 · Of Turkish mobile internet users, 51 per cent of this study’s total sample in urban Turkey used WhatsApp in a typical week. Along with Facebook Messenger, further data suggests that these two chat apps are used by more than one in five of the total population each month. 12

Internet usage continues to rise in Turkey as 3 in 4 Internet usage in Turkey continues to climb as three-fourths of people in the country now use the global network. Some 75.3% of individuals aged 16-74 use the internet in Turkey, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) said Tuesday in its annual “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Usage Survey on Households and Individuals.” This year’s figure is … 8 out of 10 households have internet access in Turkey Aug 08, 2018 Wifi & Internet Access in Turkey Free Wifi Everywhere (Almost) Wifi Internet access, usually free, is common all over Turkey.Virtually all hotels, hostels, dorms, rental apartments, and even tree houses have Wifi.. Only the luxury hotels charge for it. Many restaurants, cafés, bars, beach café-bars and offices offer it.Some intercity buses, trains and ferryboats have it, and airports offer it for a fee.

The total population of Turkey is approximately 80,000,000 people; The number of Internet users in Turkey is 46,196,720 (2016*) Turkey Demographics Profile (2016*): The official language as you may guess is Turkish and it is most spoken. There are also some …

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Internet cafes in Turkey. Internet cafes are popular and common in Turkey, especially in major cities. They offer cheap internet access at hourly rates, and usually serve snacks, drinks and coffee as well. These cafes are especially popular with young people in Turkey, many of whom use them as meeting points and hangout spots.

Jul 03, 2015 Turkey Guide: Internet, Connecting to the web in Turkey